The Lube Cleanser Cloth


Purify privates and ignite lasting afterglow with these pH-balanced sex wipes. Gently dissolve lube, bodily fluids and debauchery from genitals while nurturing delicate skin. Tingling intimate wash and adult toy cleaner makes steamy cleanup indulgent.

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The Purifying Solution
When the sheets are soaked and you’re drenched in debauchery, don’t let residual pleasures put a damper on your afterglow. Introducing Sexxxy Wipes – the purifying solution to those X-rated stains.

A Sensual Cleanse
These powerful yet pH-balanced intimates are specially formulated to gently dissolve lube, sweat, and other funky emissions from your most delicate areas. But unlike harsh soaps that strip you dry, Sexxxy Wipes nurture and hydrate, leaving your skin silky soft.

Revive Your Hot Spots
Whether you need a quick refresh or a thorough detox, these mighty towelettes pack a sensual punch. Bid farewell to sticky situations down under and revive those hot spots with a radiant, rejuvenating cleanse. Your sweet spots will be glowing.

Clean Up Made Steamy
Playtime gets messy – but your cleanup doesn’t have to be a chore. Make wiping away the residuals anything but routine with Sexxxy Wipes. This indulgent, tingle-inducing experience will have you craving the aftercare.

Purify your privates and ignite an afterglow that lingers long after the action with Sexxxy Wipes. Debauchery this delightful deserves a sensual cleansing solution.

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The Lube Club








The Lube Club


20 Count (Pack of 1)


The Lube Club


The Lube Club


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