The Lube Cleanser 2oz: Playtime’s Cleanup Solution


This toy cleaner and sex lube remover purges bacteria, lubricant residue, and irritants. Revive hot spots with pH-balanced afterglow. Strip sin but pamper privates post-playtime. Natural intimate wash refreshes genitals and adult toys.

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The Aftermath Solution
Playtime’s over, but the aftermath doesn’t have to be a mess. Introducing The Lube Cleanser 2oz: Playtime’s Cleanup Solution – your secret weapon against the sordid souvenirs of sensual adventures.

A Fierce Multi-Tasker
This multi-tasking miracle isn’t your average soap – it’s a savage against lubricant residue, bacteria, and other X-rated remnants. Gentle yet fierce, it purges intimate areas, surfaces, and toys of funky funk, leaving everything squeaky clean and ready for the next round.

Nurture Your Naughty Bits
But here’s the real kicker – unlike those harsh imposters, Playtime’s Cleanup Solution actually nurtures your naughty bits. The pH-balanced formula plays nice with mother nature, maintaining your body’s perfect chemistry. That means no dryness, no irritation, just delicate rejuvenation.

Revitalizing Rinse
Whether you’re hosing down the hot tub or reviving the rabbit, this devious detox delivers a revitalizing rinse that leaves you feeling fresh, invigorated and saying “Oh yeah, that’s the spot!” Reclaim your post-coital radiance with a single squirt of debauchery-demolishing power.

Messy Doesn’t Have to Be Dirty
Lovers of intimacy, playtime is messy – but your cleanup doesn’t have to be. Unlock superior intimate renewal with The Lube Cleanser 2oz: Playtime’s Cleanup Solution.

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